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Starting with what is trending can often help. Here’s this month’s most read reviews…

Last Updated: September 07, 2019

#1 Nitrovit

nitrovit brain pill reviews

Can Noopept based Nitrovit be beaten on results?

#2 Alpha Brain


Alpha Brain uses only earth-grown nutriënts

#3 Juvenon

Juvenon pills Review

Juvenon provides a solid formula for sharper thinking

#4 Nitroamp


A great low cost memory and energy enhancer

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Adding To Pre-Made Stacks: Yay or Nay In The Nootropic World?

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A lot of nootropic users often wonder whether it’s a good idea to add their own nootropics to ready made formulas and if so which types are the most beneficial? Well, the answer truly depends on which ready made stack you’re currently taking. Assuming that you’re starting with one of our top 3 favorites, such as Nitrovit as your base…
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4 Top YouTube Tracks to Boost Productivity

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You’re at the office trying to get your work done for the day when your WhatsApp group convo starts going crazy. You have to check what’s going on – are plans being made for Friday night that you don’t know about? Of course, this leads to spending a few minutes going through your Facebook News Feed to see if your…
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Even more proof that a daytime nap is a brain booster

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Wake up at the back, because we’ve got good news for you. Yet another research program has come up with the conclusion that a daytime nap is good for your brain. It’s still frowned upon in most workplaces and of course it’s a no-no to get your head down and snooze through a lecture or tutorial. But this latest study…
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Marijuana: The Dumb Drug

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If you’re in your 30’s and have finally gotten over that college fad of smoking pot, don’t be surprised when you notice you’re slow to react – to everything. A study by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine was conducted on adults in their young twenties who’ve quit marijuana usage after years of heavy usage. The research showed that…
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Things that go bump, bang, whoosh and ding dong in the night

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Things that go bump, bang, whoosh and ding dong in the night Have you ever been just about to drop off to sleep when you’ve heard a loud sound that seems very close to your ears or even right inside your head? Maybe you’ve been woken up by it just after you drifted off. But then you realize there was…
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Albert Einstein: The Brain of a Genius

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Throughout history, there have always been those that are brighter, smarter than others. We know for example, that Albert Einstein was a genius. What made him the way he was? Was there a genius gene in play? Is there actually a difference in the brain anatomy of geniuses than that of a normal brain? A recent discovery was made that…

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What we do at Brain Pill Reviews

  • We always try to test 50% of the brain pills we review
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  • We solicit reader feedback on each supplements review page (in the comments section) or via email
  • We use clear monitoring systems such as brain training apps and software when testing to clarify improvements not necessarily detected consciously
  • We always pair our supplementation period with exercise, hydration, quality nutrition and rest

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Qualia Mind
Best for Attention Deficit and Focus Levels
Improves Health and Wellness?
Aids Rapid Cognitive Learning?
Supports Memory Strength?
Reputable Company?
Alpha Brain
Best for Attention Deficit and Focus Levels
Improves Health and Wellness?
Aids Rapid Cognitive Learning?
Supports Memory Strength?
Reputable Company?