UMZU’s CORTIGON Review: A stress Reliever and focus enhancer from a company who has seen its fair share of legal issues!


Our CORTIGON Review initially felt more like an FBI investigation than a supplement review because UMZU was subject to rebranding in 2019 due to being sued.

So, we did our best Sherlock Holmes impression and looked into the allegations.

Yet we didn’t have to look very hard as one redeeming factor to UMZU’s issues is the founder was transparent about all that had transpired in 2019, in a YouTube video.

From the video It turns out the company was forced to rename itself from Truth Nutra to UMZU after losing a two year long legal battle for ‘stealing’ the name Truth Nutra.


Cortigon old bottle image and new bottle image


“Identity theft is not a joke”– Dwight – the office

Although the issues seem to be resolved an incident like this will for the foreseeable future be a black cloud over UMZU.

CORTIGON’s rebranding hasn’t been smooth sailing either.

As UMZU changed the formula by removing DHA and customers believe the new formula to be inferior to the original.

“I prefer the old formula with DHA in it.”

With UMZU just losing a legal battle and loyal customers upset, now probably isn’t the time to try UMZU’s CORTIGON.

What is Cortigon? A stress reliver that claims to also be a focus enhancer?

CORTIGON claims to be a stress reliver and focus enhancer that also helps support healthy brain function.

It even goes so far to say that CORTIGON can help you naturally relieve anxiety.

But CORTIGON also claims to support other functions unrelated to stress relieve and focus.

However, UMZ doesn’t appear to be GMP Certified and this should concern you.

As GMP Certified is an acronym for good manufacturing practices that was established by the FDA to ensure all supplements follow strict manufacturing and production regulations.

Companies that are not GMP Certified could essentially be making their supplements in a caravan like Walter White in Breaking Bad.


Walter White making meth in his caravan


All kinds of contaminants and pollutants could make their way into your supplements that do not abide by the GMP regulations.

It’s worth keeping in mind all of our top supplements are all GMP Certified.

Another thing I want to bring to your attention is all UMZU supplements have 5 stars reviews and this is something I’ve never seen before.

I’m not saying their customer reviews are fake but hell not even the Beatles albums have all 5-star reviews on amazon.


The Beatles Abbey Road album



What are the benefits of CORTIGON?

“CORTIGON is all about helping you naturally reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood and focus, and support healthy brain function.”

CORTIGON supports you with:

  • Lowered Stress & Anxiety
  • Natural Balancing of Hormones
  • Improved Mental Clarity, Focus, and Mood
  • Overall Improved Brain Function
  • Increased Energy & Memory Retention

CORTIGEN has fallen into the common trap of trying to do too much.

Its labelled as a stress reliever and focus enhancer but also supposedly improves your memory and even provides you with energy.

This makes CORTGEN seem like a jack of all trades Master of none.

CORTIGON Review: The ingredients and updated Formula

CORTIGON is hugely underpowered and boasts a small formula but this isn’t a negative as the saying less is more is very true to Nootropics.

A Nootropics formula shouldn’t be judged on its number of ingredients, it should be rated upon its quality of ingredients.

So, in Our CORTIGON Review we look at a couple of ingredients individually and see if they can justify the claims of CORTIGON.


Cortigon Supplement facts

Gingko Biloba

This ingredient has been used in traditional Chinese medicines for century.

It has now also got common place in Nootropics as it is believed to improve memory and thinking.

This believe has been conjured up because Gingko is a natural antioxidant and improves blood flow to the brain.

A still increasing number of studies have shown Gingko Biloba to modestly improve memory function.

So, it is used to treat memory loss diseases and also stop the onsets of dementia.

Having this ingredient in your supplement is a great way to slow down memory loss caused by aging.

So, you can retain or improve your memory.

Making learning far easier and retaining information easy.


Is undoubtedly a great Nootropic ingredient but it has a dark past.

Original Phosphatidylserine supplements were made from cow brains but you’ll be happy to know they are now commonly made from soy or cabbage.


Diary Cow looking at camera


Phosphatidylserine is used to slow the natural memory decline associated with age.

This chemical has the ability to do so because it helps maintain cellular function in the brain.

So, Phosphatidylserine is an excellent ingredient for anyone middle age or older.

As it can help you retain a great memory or even improve it.


By just looking at a handful of ingredients CORTIGON looks more like a memory enhancer than anything and this would fit the narrative that customers have commented.

CORTIGON doesn’t appear to increase focus or relief stress at all.


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Dosage Instructions

The website states you should take one capsule per day 1 in the morning when you wake up.

However, if you’re under stress and or need focus you can take up to 3 capsules per day.


My CORTIGON Review: My experience with CORTIGON

Conducting my own CORTIGON Review was something I wasn’t looking forward to.

However, I agree all supplements need a fair trial.

So, I did try CORTIGON and I was impressed for the incorrect reasons.

From my experience with CORTIGON I deduced UMZU had created a memory enhancer not a stress reliver.

Here’s why.

On day 1 I only took one capsule early in the morning before work.

Throughout the day I felt no stress relieve or focus.


Man stressed out


I thought this to be because I’m a seasoned nootropic user and the dosage is simply so low.

My week continued similarly with no recognisable improvement.

Even the following week when I took 3 capsules per day, I didn’t feel any kind of stress relive or additional focus.

By week 2 I could safely say this isn’t the nootropic for entrepreneurs or people in high pressure jobs.

It simply doesn’t offer any recognisable stress relieve or improved focus.

It’s not going to get you that grade you want on that exam either.

But what I did notice was memory improvement in week 3 which is why I believe this product to be a memory pill.

This is because the ingredients are Widley considered to improve or repair memory function.

Other customers have had similar experiences and have seen memory improvement if nothing else.

UMZU have plainly got it wrong with the new formula.


CORTIGON Review: The side effects

Maybe a saving grace for CORTIGON is the dosages are so low that there shouldn’t be any side effects.

Except potential stomach aches, headaches and maybe dizziness.


Final thoughts from Our CORTIGON Review

An underpowered incorrectly labelled memory enhancer.

This is not a good stress reliver or focus enhancer!

Total Score: 61%

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