geniux reviewGeniux Review: Revealing the Truth Behind A Brain Supplement Once Known as Evo Pill

Initial Thoughts Before Our Geniux Review:

After a five-minute search online, we were already a bit suspicious about what we may reveal in our Geniux review. We found more than a few websites that claimed to sell Geniux or promoted it as a reputable product, yet none that looked very legitimate.

Here’s the deal:

The odd domains that seemed to represent Geniux in one form or another were flooded with fake information and false advertising. This included red flags like a direct quote from Bradley Cooper “thanking Geniux” for being the “inspiration” behind the creation of the movie, “Limitless.” A movie that was released years before the product even hit the market. 

We thoroughly read through several websites and even clicked on multiple links but had difficulty determining whether we would even be able to conduct our Geniux review because we couldn’t seem to actually locate the product from a website that looked remotely trustworthy at first. 

Manufacturer and the Geniux website:

Something felt awfully strange and uncomfortable about the look. And feel of the websites we navigated to learn more about Geniux.

However, there was also an oddly familiar feeling like we had come across this product before. 

Finally, we figured it out and confirmed the reason for the familiar atmosphere…

One of the websites was called (no longer exists, btw).

It was a website outlining the details of Geniux, yet when we entered our information to purchase Geniux, a product called eVo came up… geniux reviews

And there it was!

Good old eVo, a brain supplement that may go down as one of the biggest scams we had come across and that also gave the entire industry a bad name. 

It is quite possible that you had seen the eVo advertisements that polluted Facebook for the greater part of 6 months.

These were the ads that spewed blatant lies and misinformation, claiming that their “super brain supplement” would turn you into a “super genius.”

They were essentially claiming that their product would do the same thing that NZT-48, the “Limitless pill” did for Bradley Cooper in the movie. 

They would blatantly lie about being covered by major media outlets like CNN, NBC, MSN Money, etc. and would make up quotes from super famous celebrities like Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, and Bradley Cooper, stating that their super brain supplement changed their life or made them into the success they are today.

Evo was consistently in your face and the company preyed on those who may believe their overly confident lies.

Apparently, the company was not only lying about the claims that their product could help accomplish but they were also not fulfilling many of the orders that were placed with them. Meaning, many people were laying out their hard-earned money to purchase the product, never received it, and had an extremely difficult time getting any type of customer service.

Eventually, this resulted in an overwhelming amount of consumer complaints. Enough that the company could no longer possibly continue business.

We thought that eVo’s lies eventually caught up with them and they simply went out of business. However, instead, they apparently re-branded their name and re-released what was virtually the same product under the name Geniux. 

So, here we are at our “Geniux review.” 

The Geniux Review


My first thought was that perhaps the company was taken over by new ownership and new management. Perhaps, the company saw the error in their ways but believed that they truly had a brain enhancement supplement worthwhile that people would want to legitimately buy?

We wondered whether or not we should give them the benefit of the doubt in our Geniux review. 

We decided that we would proceed with our Geniux review but with extreme caution.

One thing that all of the websites representing Geniux in one way or another all seemed to have in common were the promised results.

According to most of the websites, Geniux promises to be fast acting and provide improved focus, short and long-term memory recall and enhanced memory and clarity.

Therefore,we decided to first take a look at the Geniux ingredients to determine if the claims even made sense.


Geniux Ingredients: geniux review


The main website and many of the other Geniux websites stated that the Geniux formula is a hidden secret in order to “protect the formula.” Again, we still weren’t 100% positive that this was even the main website. 

However, we found one website that claims to have discovered some of the Geniux ingredients.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find out how much of each ingredient is in one dose. There was quite a bit of grey area regarding exactly what can be found inside Geniux, making our Geniux review that much more difficult…but not really and you will find out why. There was quite a large difference between a product like Geniux and our top recommendation called, Nitrovit

Some of the Geniux ingredients that we were able to find included the following.

Keep in mind that we could not actually find any of the ingredients listed directly on their website so we are utilizing some of their subsidiary websites to try and determine the “secret” Geniux ingredients that they seem to guard so closely:

  • Acacia Rigidula:

This is not a very common ingredient that you will find in many nootropic stacks. Probably because it is more known as being a natural weight-loss supplement. Geniux claims that it can also help increase dopamine levels and therefore symptoms of depression.

  • Bee pollen:

Bee pollen is considered a nutritional food that contains various vitamins and minerals. It is often used to treat the symptoms of alcoholism, asthma, allergies, and general inflammation. Geniux claims it provides a slow release of energy. It is possible for various levels of high-quality bee pollen to provide some benefits but there is no way of knowing how much bee pollen can be found within the Geniux supplement. 


  • Gluconolactone:

kyaApparently, this is some sort of naturally occurring substance derived from corn. Most resources we found were that it serves some benefits to the skin. But nothing substantial in terms of cognitive benefits.

  • Alpha GPC:

This was the first ingredient that we had read, have heard of before, and are familiar with the cognitive benefits that it can provide. Alpha GPC is a naturally occurring choline source and one of the best choline sources known for improving memory function, learning capacity, and cognitive functioning

  • St. Johns Wart:

A very mild natural anti-depressant known for improving mood

  • DMAE:

Known for its ability to increase alertness, mental energy, and awareness. But also commonly associated with various side effects which have caused many companies to remove it from existing formulas. The substance is banned in professional and collegiate level sports. 

  • Eleuthero Root:

Also known as Siberian Ginseng and known for helping to increase dopamine and mental energy levels.

  • Other ingredients: 

We were able to find an inordinate amount of additional ingredients that may potentially comprise the Geniux ingredients. Some of them were not all that bad. These included Vinpocetine, Tyrosine, and ALCAR. Other ingredients were rarely associated with significant cognitive enhancement or improvements. The list we found extended to over 20 potential ingredients. That is a lot! Too much, actually.

  • Essential nutrients and minerals:

Both of these ingredients are very general and there is absolutely no way to know what exactly these are.

Here’s the deal:

We didn’t bother listing out each and every one of the other active ingredients because there were quite a few red flags from the information that we were discovering. 

First and foremost, the fact that the ingredients were not clearly listed on the main Geniux website. And presented to the potential consumer as some sort of “super secret” cognitive enhancement supplement.

In our experience, any type of high-quality nootropic supplement will clearly label and share their ingredients with their users. Not just the exact ingredients but the exact amounts as well.

It clearly felt like Geniux had something to hide. And as a company that we didn’t trust too well in the first place. The last thing we were hoping to find were “secrets” or hazy details about the actual formula. 

Geniux didn’t seem to make any effort to explain any of the science behind their claims and while the website was not as flagrantly dishonest in the form of false quotes and claims. They were still trying to hide the most important information from us and it left us all with an uneasy feeling. 

Also, just as with eVo, there were multiple websites all claiming to represent Geniux. It was far too difficult to ascertain which one was the “official” website. And the sketchy details provided on virtually every one of them didn’t make the process any easier for us.

Finally, and possibly the most amusing discovery was that the majority of Geniux ingredients. That we were able to find out were truly nothing special.

Many of them were virtually irrelevant to overall cognitive functioning. And brain health and hardly the type of formula that should be a well-guarded “secret.”

However, you are still essentially being asked to purchase a brain supplement with mysterious ingredients. That will enhance cognitive functioning because they say it will.

Geniux was quickly becoming more difficult to differentiate from its predecessor, eVo, and seemed to be virtually sent into hiding by changing their name and quietly coming back to the market without any mention of it being related to eVo in any way, previously. 



1 bottle of Geniux costs $47. However, even the price was difficult to confirm for our Geniux review.  

When you visit the Geniux website it seems like they will send you the product for free to try but it is virtually impossible to cancel. Some other companies have engaged in auto ship policies. But provide a clear cut way to cancel should you not want to continue using the product. Geniux was confusing and untrustworthy. After far more digging around than should be necessary, we finally discovered that Geniux cost $47 per bottle.

If you want to buy Geniux, you may essentially be asked for credit card information without knowing the price. 

Therefore, the bottom line is that we found ourselves essentially being asked to provide credit card information for a product. That was secretive and unclear about the product’s ingredients and was also not upfront about their prices.

Pro’s and Con’s about the Geniux Supplement: super brain pills

Pro’s about Geniux:

  • We couldn’t really find anything good about Geniux. We have never come across a product with more red flags and considering their roots. Truly, we can not say anything positive here. The only review as troubling as our Geniux review was our review of eVo. We can’t say we are surprised. 

Con’s about Geniux:

  • There appears to be no official website, ingredient list, or price. There are simply too many cons to list. Our entire Geniux review is essentially a con and this goes down as one of our top brain supplements to avoid at all costs. The company’s inception was built on a foundation of another company, eVo, that was an utter scam. 

You are far better off taking one of our top recommendations and we highly recommend checking out the latest number 1 recommendation which we made our Editor’s Choice for the best brain supplements.

Nitrovit has virtually everything you want from a nootropic supplement. 

Summary of Our Geniux Review:

Products like Geniux really frustrate us. Much like the eVo supplement, Geniux gives the entire industry a bad name. Their entire marketing campaign is built on over exaggerated claims and preying on people’s emotions by setting false expectations. The Geniux ingredients were nearly impossible to find, the price of the product was just as difficult. And even figuring out which of the many websites they seem to have created is the main Geniux website was difficult. 

Geniux is a product you want to avoid. Unlike a product like Nitrovit, which stands on the top of our recommendations for brain supplements, Geniux stands on top of another list. This is the list of nootropic brain supplements to avoid. 

Total Score: 10%

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