ADDTabz brain supplement bottleADDTabz Review: Effective, But Not For Everyone


ADDTabz is a product designed as an Adderall substitute that can help people who suffer from ADD/ADHD to increase focus and elongate attention spans for longer periods of time.

There are many people who choose to purchase Adderall alternatives simply because they don’t come with as many harsh side effects.

Plus they are available to buy without a prescription.

Amongst many other supplements available in the market, we wonder whether ADDTabz is a strong contender to our Editors Choice Nitrovit. To find out read our Nitrovit review by clicking here.

By the end of our ADDTabz review, you’ll realize that we’ve done all the homework for you.

Here at, we provide you with detailed research on the ingredients in the product and a run-through of other customer reviews.

In turn, you would be equipped to make the decision of whether or not ADDTabz would be a good option for you. Let’s move right along.


What are ADDTabz Ingredients?

ADDTabz’ formula consists of Ampheta CDP, which is essentially a proprietary blend of synthetic amphetamines found in Adderall.


Adderal pills


The creators of ADDTabz – GenTech Pharmaceuticals – has claimed that their product is a safer version of Adderall, meaning that a prescription wouldn’t be necessary to obtain the product.

However, we have noticed that ADDTabz contains the same FDA-unapproved compounds as Adderall.

So while the blend does contain some esteemed and well-known substances that have been proven to increase mental alertness and focus such as caffeine and choline CDP… It also includes several substances that have raised our concern.

DMAA and Octopamine HCL, for instance, have been banned from being included in nutritional supplements because they have been shown to burn out neural functions, particularly in the long-term.


Let’s compare ADDTabz to our Editors’ Choice Award winner Nitrovit.

During our ADDTabz review we took a look how it compared to our highest rated Adderall alternative.

As you can see from the difference in basics such as total miligrams per serving, price, money back guarantee length etc., that ADDTabz doesn’t even come close.

ADDTabz manufacturer Lexium International are a little underhanded when it comes to customer care…

Their refund policy only lasts 30-days, only unopened bottles qualify, and they charge a ‘restocking fee’ of 20% is deducted from your refund too.


ADDTabz is heavy on the caffeine powder, has no social proof on its website such as verifyiable reviews, and more importantly…

ADDTabz only has 376 mg of nootropics per serving versus Nitrovit’s whacking 1,741 mg per daily serving!

You pay more money for a quarter of the value.

On top of that, ADDTabz ingredients aren’t nearly of the level of Nitrovit’s.

Nitrovit couples the incredible Noopept with Alpha GPC choline – wheras ADDTabz formula still includes Hordenine – some 3 years after the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) banned the substance!


The above graphic shows clearly, that opinions aside, on paper Nitrovit makes ADDTabz look like a cheap caffeine pill of real bad value. 



What are the claimed Benefits of ADDTabz?

A list of the benefits and side efefcts of ADDTabz

During our ADDTabz review my focus enhanced, My alertness and concentration has improved too.

At first I thought I might feel hyperactive and end up being less focused in the long run because of the increased energy.

In reality however,  I was so happy to notice that the extra energy didn’t come at the price of lower concentration.

The energy felt authentic, or clean, not so scattered that I couldn’t focus on a task.

I just felt solidly alert.

One Task at a Time: This perk was my favorite of all.

Most of the time I’m thinking and doing a lot of things at once or thinking about one thing while doing another, and nothing has changed this tendency until now.

I was focused enough when using Addtabz to care solely about the task at hand. While, not thinking about anything else or stopping halfway.

It helped me to get things done faster and with less effort.

While also allowing me to be pay a 100% attention to what I was doing.

It ended up turning out better as my mind was finally not wandering.


Where can I buy ADDTabz?

So after an experience like this I admit that I want to know where to buy more and why isn’t more available in local stores?

Stores I’ve tried throughout my city don’t know about ADDTabz.

I could find out from my friend how she gets it online, but I would prefer not to use a credit card or wait for it to come in the mail.

I see big potential for this product when the word starts to get out more.”


A bottle contains 40 tablets and costs $69.00 when purchased online via their official website.

The company also offers a promotion of two bottles for $128, which saves you $10.


What are the Pro’s and Con’s of ADDTabz?


  1. Available online and in retail stores (GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, etc)
  2.  Works effectively as a stimulant
  3. May enhance concentration


  1. May cause headaches and trouble sleeping
  2. Quite expensive
  3. Contains banned substances

ADDTabz Review Summary: 

ADDTabz has worked for some in terms of increasing focus and bettering memory recall.

However The product has mostly served as a stimulant otherwise.

The blend in ADDTabz has been listed under “proprietary blend”.

Making it impossible for us to be aware of the dose of each ingredient.

For this reason, we only recommend ADDTabz for those eager for a basic cognitive boost.

As opposed to those with serious ADD/ADHD issues who need a strong Adderall substitute.


Total Score from our ADDTabz Review: 64%


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What are other people saying about ADDTabz?


A screenshot of a customer complaining about ADDTabz online


“A friend of mine swears by her bottle of ADDTabz and has been like that ever since I’ve known her.”

She’s always in a stellar mood and keeps going on about the way this supplement is responsible for helping her perform better in basically every aspect of her life—exercising, working, studying.

She orders ADDTabz in bulk to save money. So recently I got to try out a discounted bottle for myself …

I was too curious after other friends of hers even told me how impressed they were at the positive change since before she took ADDTabz.

After trying it, I can understand why my friend loves it so much.

I’ve used it for several weeks and now I wish I had an unlimited supply.

This is what works for me in ADDTabz:

Mood: Just like ADHD meds affect the brain’s “feel good” chemicals (ex. dopamine), there’s something in ADDTabz that’s giving me a much more joyful feeling every day.

Now that I take it to the point that I feel even mild euphoria.

This positive improvement has been obvious to others as my classmates and co-workers pointed it out and seemed grateful I was in a better mood.

I was surprised since I didn’t expect any mood-enhancing bonuses from a “smart drug.”

Energy: I had a lot more available energy after taking this natural OTC brain supplement.

Plus it wasn’t jittery energy like with a caffeine buzz.

I also didn’t have a crashing feeling or experience extreme highs followed by extreme lows.

The energy felt more authentic and sustained compared to other products—not like a roller coaster.


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