Master Memory supplement bottleMaster Review: A Brain enhancer from a Nootropic company for Musicians?

Outside of reviewing Nootropics I would consider myself a bit of a musician so when Master found its way into the office, I was given the task of reviewing it.

But my colleague did tell me although this is targeted at musicians and this is why we have left you the task of reviewing it, it also has the formula to stand alone as a powerful Brain Enhancer and compete with the big Nootropics like Nitrovit and Qualia Mind.

So instead of being fed this kind of information I started my research into Master.

One glance at Masters pairing of 40 ingredients made me realise my colleague was telling the truth.

The first thing I always check before trying a Nootropic is something, I urge everyone to do.

It is to check if the product is made in an FDA registered facility that complies to GMP rules.

As I’m sure you agree it’s important to always be careful and know what we put in our bodies.

So, one thing I also check first is the ingredients and Master has 40 scientifically proven ingredients in its formula.

It seems the CEO of Noosician and creator of Master followed the concept of the more the merrier when creating the formula.


What is Master from Noosician?

Master is one of three products from the manufacturer Noosician.

With Master being the true brain enhancing Nootropic that promises:

  • Improved focus
  • Enhanced learning capabilities and memory

To have you performing at your best throughout your day.

Then there’s Perform which helps its users fight stage fright and allows them to perform at their best, this Nootropic is most popular with musicians, athletes and students.

Finally, there’s sleep which is a sleeping aid focused on calming performers down and lower adrenaline levels so they can sleep.

Master is as I’ve mentioned Noosicians cognitive brain enhancer, that was originally developed for the private use of the CEO.

A musician and daily Nootropic user, to help him better learn his music, improve memory and focus in his daily life.


A man playing a guitar


The CEO developed this formula since there was a very limited number of products created with musicians in mind except tackily branded companies.

It looks like he was dying of guilt as he couldn’t keep his secret weapon all to himself for long as he has now brought it to the market presumably after he realised, he was on to something.

And by all accounts Noosician has released a winning product in Master.


Master Review: The effects

Master is a brain enhancer that focuses on increasing your memory, focus and learning capacity.

So, you can be mentally at the top of your game in every aspect of your day.

Whilst also taking conscious steps towards protecting yourself from future memory loss diseases like:

Dementia and Alzheimer’s because Master helps defend your brain against cell damage from oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is simply an imbalance of antioxidants in the body.

(Oxidative stress causes cell tissue damage that can damage our memory capabilities)



Master Review: The ingredients

Master boasts over 40 of the finest Nootropic ingredients.

If I were to go into depth about each ingredient, I would have to turn this review into a book.

So, I will select a few of the best ingredients included in the Master formula.


Master Supplement facts


High levels DMAE are widely believed to:

  1. Positively influence mood
  2. Enhance memory
  3. Improve general brain function like the ability to better focus
  4. Benefit aging skin

A handful of scientists believe those suffering from:

  • ADD
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s

Can benefit from the consumption of DMAE.

DMAE is produced in our bodies and can also be found in our foods in a lot of fish species.


DMAE in chemical form

Huperzine A

This chemical from club moss plants is used to improve memory and mental function.

And is given to those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Huperzine A works by increasing levels of a chemical called acetylcholine.

Which has been shown to help fight diseases that intervene with memory and thinking.


Huperzine A plant


Brahmi or Bacopa is a plant native to Indian.

It has been used in traditional medicine for many years.

Bacopa is used to help treat Alzheimer’s and improve memory.

It works by increasing brain chemicals that play a role in thinking, memory and learning.


Bacopa plant flowers

Master Review: Dosage instructions

You should take 3 capsules per day as advised – 1038mg per daily serving.

Despite not being required to be taken with food to maintain a followable routine you should have one before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You do not need to take breaks from consumption but if you experience any side effects then you can.


My experience with Master

Its true the task of reviewing Master was given to me as the sole ‘musician’ in the office.


A man playing a guitar

I hadn’t been so excited to do a review in a while.

Here’s my Master Review…

I want to inform you that before doing this review my memory has been slowly declining like I’m sure so many of us recognise when getting older.

So, I was in search of a fountain of youth.

I wanted my old capable memory back and a little bit more focus.

And the bonus would be enhanced learning capabilities to help me learn some new music.

I really did go into my time with Master optimistically.

And the fast acting Huperzine A made sure I didn’t have enough time to lose any optimism.

As Huperzine A works best within 1 hour of consumption so my Monday morning started of with me fully focused on arrival for work.

Throughput the day like promised I had a lot more focus than normal.

That continued through the week until I have to say I felt laser lock focussed and I was performing at a top level towards the end of the week.

On pace for a raise, fingers crossed.

The improved memory bloomed later week 2 there was noticeable improvements in my memory.

It started with the little things like always remembering my keys and items I need for work that day.

Then more noticeable things like taking in the knowledge I was learning that week whether from a book I was reading or music I was learning.

So, I was remembering what I was learning it wasn’t going in one ear out the other.

Whether you’re a musician or not it doesn’t matter this one of the best brain enhancers I’ve ever reviewed and I review a lot of Nootropics.

But I can say fellow musicians turns out we do need a Nootropic, we do need Master, the formula provides too many benefits to pass up.

Master Review: The potential side effects

With over 40 ingredients there’s bound to be potential side effects.

But the main concern has to be with the high dosage, it’s very high.

So, there’s no doubt why it was effective but with high dosages does come potentially side effects like:

  1. Headaches
  2. Stomach aches
  3. Dizziness


Where should I Buy Master: on Noosician’s website

Noosician is not available on any kinds of online shopping platforms like amazon.

It is solely available at

Master’s 30-day pack costs $49 and comes with a one-year guarantee.

Master is also sold in Noosician’s multipacks as the centre piece with Sleep and Perform.



Final thoughts of our Master Review

Behind the label Noosician is actually a superb Brain enhancing Nootropic that offers improved memory and focus.

Master is fast acting and powerful.

Musicians cant be the only ones to use this secret Brain Booster.


Total score: 93%

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