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2020 Best Focus/Memory Brain Supplement

Nitrovit originally won our Editors’ Choice Award way back, and remained pretty much unchallenged in the Focus and Memory category. But then something strange happened…

A new Nitrovit (version 2) has just launched ready for 2020 with an even better formula, 300 mg’s more Nootropics per daily serving – and a price drop too! A result of continued word of mouth growth according manufacturer Project Noo You.

With 37.5 mg of Nootropic heavyweight Noopept, and 450 mg of memory (Acetylcholine) boosting Alpha GPC, Nitrovit has relaunched with its best ever formula – and unbeatable value.

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2020 Brain
Supplement Reviews

Over 150 Trusted Brain Supplements Reviewed

Our research sources

How we comprise reviews

  • Scientific Studies
  • Product Testing
  • Verified Buyer Reviews
  • Manufacturer’s History
  • Online & BBB Reputation

Best Brain Pills, brain pill reviews, best brain pill reviews, brain-enhancement pills, brain enhancement reviews, brain pills, best smart pills, best brain supplements, best memory supplements, Nitrovit review

2020 Best Focus & Memory Brain Supplement – 97%

Nitrovit originally won our Editors’ Choice Award way back, and remained pretty much unchallenged in the Focus and Memory category. But then something strange happened…

A new Nitrovit (version 2) has just launched ready for 2020 with an even better formula, 300 mg’s more Nootropics per daily serving – and a price drop too! A result of continued word of mouth growth according manufacturer Project Noo You.

With 37.5 mg of Nootropic heavyweight Noopept, and 450 mg of memory (Acetylcholine) boosting Alpha GPC, Nitrovit has relaunched with its best ever formula – and unbeatable value.

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We Review The Best Brain Supplements For You

Finding the best brain supplement or nootropic formula for you and your budget can prove a minefield.

We receive many questions daily about the Memory and Focus supplements we review…

  • Does this brain supplement work?
  • Is this brain supplement good value?
  • Will it help with my ADHD/ADD?
  • How soon will I see improvements to my Memory/Focus/Productivity/Energy?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • Did other buyers experience great results?
  • Which brain supplements you’ve reviewed are the best?

These are all questions we’ve sought the answers while reviewing the numerous vitamins and supplements out there designed to aid adults of all ages.

The following is what we consider the best brain supplements available (without prescription). 

Our reviews cover supplements designed to:

  • Enhance Focus and Attention spans
  • Improve short-term and long-term Memory
  • Boost Mental and physical Energy and Stamina
  • Provide improvements to Mood and Anxiety levels
  • Offer Antioxidant protection for future brain health and Cell Longevity

We’ve done our very best to report on only clearly noticeable improvements in cognition and focus while using the brain supplements we review. (See the bottom of page to see how we review the supplements to conclude which we deem to be the best brain supplements available today).

Nitrovit brain pill review
Price: $26.91 – $49.97

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Nitrovit Review – Update October 2019: Is It Still The Best Brain Supplement?

In September Nitrovit had an upgrade to the original formula. We take it out for a test-drive.


When I first tried Nitrovit, it quickly became vividly clear that there was something extraordinary about this brain-enhancement supplement.

A crisp, fresh level of focus that would last a good 5-6 hours, and this odd desire to just do stuff!

Move more, work more, talk more, learn more… But all in a relaxed, yet determined and calculated way – not the usual intense, uncomfortable feeling associated with most stimulant dense nootropic supplements.

If like me, you too suffer from ADHD and attention/focus issues, or find the pace and frustrations of life a little disheartening, then Nitrovit was always the nootropic to turn to.

Yet however, the Nitrovit formula today is an entirely different beast altogether.


6 years of real world testing have seen some frightening tweaks ‘under the hood’.

So let’s look closely at why we think Nitrovit is the best performing brain-enhancement supplement, and what it can do for you.

Best supplement for focusWhat is Nitrovit’s story? What Makes it One Of The Best Brain Supplements? 

When I first met the CEO, Archie Marks at a biohacking conference, I learned about the inspiring tale of how his Nitrovit formula came to be.

Archie shares the same issues as many of his now customers, in so much that he has suffered from anxiety, poor memory, and major attention issues as someone who struggled with ADHD for most of his life.

While through sheer drive he had seen success in his life, he felt he was never really able to meet his true potential.

Having struggled staying on top of his job due to “attention and focus issues”, he set about to create a formula that could ‘cure’ him.

He was essentially seeking an alternative ADHD treatment that didn’t involve the traditional prescription medications that are so commonly prescribed.

He explained how disorganized he was, and how making mistakes and lacking confidence as a result was holding him back in life. 

The prescribed “garbage” (as I quote directly from Archie himself) his physician gave him brought about huge anxiety, a terrible memory problem he had never really noticed before, and what Archie described as this emotional “numbness”.

Of course, Archie was describing the typical beta blocker/SSRI and stimulant ADHD medications that are too commonly pushed on adults and kids alike.

The story finishes with Archie spending the best part of 2 years researching Ayurvedic, Eastern, modern medicine, human behavior, psychology, and nootropics until after a further 5 years of real time tweaking and testing, found himself the inventor of a memory-boosting focus formula that seemingly worked.

While originally intended for himself and a few close relatives, the reviews from friends and family were so positive that he decided to offer it to friends of friends for a small fee.

Every single person Archie had given Nitrovit to offered similar feedback… This brain supplement made them feel on top and better in control of their day. 

Interestingly not everyone had attention and memory issues – but Archie’s formula contained libido and stamina boosters, vitamins to aid sleep quality, and smooth energy drivers that made Nitrovit more than just a brain supplement… And here lies Nitrovit’s success.  

Some 8 years later and today Archie’s formula has not only helped him control his own attention and focus issues related to his ADHD but also allowed him to focus enough to build a very successful business that also serves literally hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world

Who is Nitrovit for?

Overall, if you suffer from memory problems, Attention Deficit Disorders such as ADHD, debilitating confidence crushing anxiety, or simply find yourself waking with a cloudy head in the mornings then at $49.97 – you’d be hard pushed to find better consistent results for your money.

A closer look at the Nitrovit website reveals what Archie and the many online reviews claims his product is now able to do for you…

Immediate Nitrovit Results:

  •  Increased Motivation to Work, Train, or Study
  •  Elevated Mood & reduction in Anxiety and negative thoughts
  •  Ability to Maintain Focus for extended periods
  •  Better deeper Sleep Quality
  •  Unlock Creativity & reduce ‘Brain Fog

Long Term Nitrovit Results:

  •  Control over symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  •  Key ingredients in test results reduced symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients
  •  Balances missing vital Brain Nutrients found to Slow the Aging Process
  •  Vastly improved Information Retention & Memory Recall
  •  Increased blood flow to the brain aiding Learning & Cognitive Function

Would the new Nitrovit Nootropic Supplement work? Was it better than the previous version? 

Nitrovit’s formula has recently been upgraded, which leaves me feeling curious to learn how this new blend of ingredients compares to the old nootropic ingredients.

Best brain supplement

I’ve personally been using Nitrovit (on and off between testing other products) for some 5 years now.

Call me a hoarder, but I keep the bottles/samples of all the brain supplements I test, and so here is my personal collection of Nitrovit bottles.

Interestingly, Nitrovit is the only brain enhancing formula I know of that has a formula change every 18 – 24 months.

The core foundations of the B-Vits, the Alpha GPC (Choline), Phospha, Huperzine-A and Noopept are always present, but there is always the introduction of two or three new nootropics with each new formulation. 

Archie’s reasoning behind this is testament to his integrity and mission to create the very best supplement he can.

He explained that while adjusting the formula so often is commercially a stupid idea (people like familiarity), as a user of Nitrovit himself, he notices that every 2 years his own tolerance to Nitrovit increases to the point that it’s no longer as effective as it could be. 

An ingredient mix up tricks the body and through this constant revolution of 3 or 4 nootropics, he is able to maximize the effectiveness and results for him and his customers. 

He also explains that while 99% of his competitors ‘build it once’ and then focus solely on sales, he spends most of his time trying and testing new individual nootropics.

In just 5 years the quality, potency, and efficacy of nootropics in general has soared as the scientific community acknowledges the benefits. 

Archie leverages this and his latest offering has seen the introduction of focus enhancing Uridine as an example. 

By taking Nitrovit’s recommended dose of 3 capsules per day, you can expect:

  • Strengthened memory retention and recall in all ages.
  • Increased nerve synapse response time making for a sharper, clearer, more focused mind.
  • Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties that boost motivation and productivity by lowering distracting thoughts.
  • Increased learning capacity and feelings of motivation to remain positive and productive throughout the day. 

brain supplementsWhat is Inside The Newly Enhanced Nitrovit Nootropic Brain Supplement Formula?

Just like its original blend, Nitrovit’s newly upgraded formula has a combination of both ancient Ayurvedic herbs and the latest cutting edge brain-enhancing nootropic extracts.

So what does this supposedly better, stronger, more advanced formula contain?

Nitrovit’s formula list starts off with two very important nutrients that our brains need in order to stay sharp and mentally energized.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 – two compounds that adeptly compliment each other to help create more mental energy and to protect our memory function.

These are then complimented by a blend of some of the best nootropics available:

  • Alpha GPC, the finest mental performance enhancer. Thanks to it’s ability to increase Acetylcholine levels in the brain, Alpha GPC helps boost short-term and long-term memory, increases learning capabilities, extends periods of high mental energy and focus, as well as supporting the prevention of cognitive decline.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). It protects against oxidative stress and high cortisol levels, preventing free radical and toxic cell damage. Also, known for its great anti-aging effects on the brain.
  • Uridine, the commendable memory-booster. Uridine helps to boost memory, learning, and overall mental function. It also helps to increase various antioxidant levels and helps, therefore, reduce stress and anxiety. One of the best brain supplements and a superb nootropic for enhancing mental performance.
  • Guarana, the number-one herb that will have you feeling awesome. Not only significantly improves overall mood and motivation but also known for greatly reducing mental fatigue and enhancing alertness and reaction times. It is one of the best natural sources of energy and also commonly used for its anti-anxiety elements.best nootropics
  • Macuna pruriens, one of the best amino acids to keep your nerves calm. It is known to help improve overall focus and especially, mood enhancement. It helps heighten overall motivation and response time to situations of stress. It also helps to elevate stamina levels and boost libido and pleasure receptors during intimacy.
  • Taurine – a natural potent focus enhancer that is the power plant behind the Red Bull drink. However, it not only helps to improve focus but also enhances motivation and helps combat sleep deprivation.  It reduces stress and blood pressure, yet has stimulatory effects that help to boost mental energy and focus.
  • Phosphatidylserine, a key stress reducer. However, it also promotes great overall mental health. It works synergistically with the other ingredients in the formula to help potentiate their effects and it is closely tied to mental performance enhancement and memory improvement.
  • Shilajit. This energizing natural nootropic has a number of cognitive benefits including support for brain function and enhance mental performance by lowering inflamation. It increases wakefulness and alertness, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, and supports a healthy libido. In combination with the Guarana and Mucuna pruriens found in Nitrovit, it makes this supplement a great tool for improved sexual health, vigor, and physical energy too. 
  • BioPerine – a Pipperine extract. While BioPerine offers no nootropic benefits, it’s sole purpose is to aid and increase the absorption of nutrients. Any supplement with BioPerine is likely to be very thought out and effective. Few know about its ability to enhance potency and even less use it due to its high cost. 

But it doesn’t stop there… 

nootropic supplements

Nitrovit’s formula is wrapped up with two grade A nootropics: Huperzine-A and Noopept. These two nootropic ingredients are highly respected in the world of nootropics because of their powerful health benefits.

  • Huperzine-A, extracted from the mystical Chinese herb Huperzia Serrata, inhibits the actions of the evil Acetylcholinesterase (AcHE). AcHE is a natural chemical in the brain that destroys Acetylcholine and its benefits. Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter responsible for learning, memory and focus, is needed in abundance to keep mental performance at its best.Huperzine-A comes in and fights against AcHE, keeping your Acetylcholine levels safe and sound.On top of that, Huperzine-A contains cognitive-protecting qualities that fight free radicals and toxins from inhibiting the growth of and/or damaging nerve cells. It helps to enhance learning and memory, executive functioning improves age-related memory loss and consists of neuroprotective properties. 


  • Noopept further increases Acetylcholine production, but that’s not the compounds main mechanism of action. Noopept is known for its ability to bind to and work on AMPA and NDMA receptors. These receptors control the brain’s glutamatergic activity, which is the process by which memory and focus abilities are handled. Once Noopept attaches onto these receptors, their sensitivity increases, which leads to better and sharper mental function.Furthermore, Noopept has anti-inflammatory properties, preventing nerve cell damage. That’s because high blood pressure and inflammatory to nerve cells have both been associated with memory decay and cognitive function deterioration. Noopept’s properties can thus help protect the function of your existing neural cells.


How We Tested Nitrovit Nootropic Brain Supplement:

So, when a few of us here at Brain Pill Reviews took this newly enhanced Nitrovit formula home and did our usual tests with it (including Lumosity, Dual N-back, and some basic comprehension and alertness experiments) we weren’t surprised at how effective it was.

My personal trial lasted 21 days and we were guided by a couple of readers who messaged us raving about it and their respective results. 

It’s worth noting that while it is early days for the new upgraded Nitrovit formula, over the past 18 months we’ve received a lot of emails praising the older formula – and it wasn’t nearly as effective. 

The reviews online mirror this with most review and nootropic experts sites rating Nitrovit at 4.7 out of 5 or 95% or above. 

Nearly everyone who took part agreed that they were impressed by Nitrovit within the first week of use.

Most felt more motivated to keep up with their work without feeling distressed and were able to focus better while ignoring distractions. Our two readers reported having noticed greater concentration, more mental clarity, improved verbal fluency, faster-reading comprehension speed and more.

If you’d like to see comments from real users all around the world, quickly visit Nitrovit’s testimonials page, which shows just how many clients’ lives the company has managed to touch and improve on. Nitrovit actually added some of your testimonials to their page after they learned about how we utilized our own readers to determine whether they should be considered one of the very best brain supplements on the market, today. 


Pro’s and Con’s About Nitrovit Nootropic Brain Supplement super brain pills


  • Effective nootropic ingredients, ranging from ancient herbs to modern brain hacking extracts and nootropics.
  • Was more effective than our second place winner by a fairly significant amount. We talk about the best brain supplements here and Nitrovit stands pretty tall on top for the largest mass appeal. 
  • Huperzine-A and Noopept create a titanic formulation.
  • One of the best nootropics for ADHD that we have reviewed to date.
  • More than just a brain enhancement supplement, Nitrovit boosts libido and physical stamina too.
  • Full disclosure of ingredients and milligrams.
  • Effectively improves and was shown in our studies with multiple participants to boost focus, memory, attention, learning capacity, and more while reducing stress and anxiety symptoms. 


  • Easy to want to use this daily, without off days but should really be cycled with either 2 days a week off, or 4 weeks off every 90 days.

The Bottom Line: Nitrovit Has The Formula You Need To Excel Against Others

To effectively compare products against each other, we make sure that each supplement goes through the same tests.

These tests (as you’ve seen above) expose the product’s ingredients, measure their ability to bring results in both the short and long term, and weigh their pro’s and con’s.

Based on these tests, we can confidently say that Nitrovit is unlike any other cognitive enhancing supplement we’ve seen before. It stands tall on top of even the best brain supplements we have tested and reviewed in the past.


It does the job quickly and effectively without causing side effects at a reasonable price.

With those three things checked off the list, we can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t give the product a go.


Worried that Nitrovit won’t work for you?

Nitrovit’s company gives out a whopping 1 YEAR money back guarantee for every purchase, allowing you to buy the product while feeling at ease.

Get their best offer by buying the $99.97 ’90-day Quarter Pack’, which sells you each bottle at only $33.32 + FREE Shipping, as opposed to purchasing one at a time at $49.97.

Nitrovit’s formula is far from that of a basic smart pill. This is why we ranked it 97%.

At the price point it is by far the best brain supplement that we have reviewed and approved. It has the potential to meet your standards and beyond the typical nootropic brain supplements that we have reviewed in the past.

We believe that due to the creators’ clever combination of potent ingredients such as Noopept, Huperzine-A and 450 mg of Choline, Archie was able to create the best of the best brain supplement and achieve his goal to create a product that met the cognitive needs of himself and others.

If you’ve been searching for the absolute best nootropic supplement out there then, for now, Nitrovit remains our top editor’s choice for best brain supplements.

Of course, we will update Best Brain Pill reviews regularly and let you know if anyone is able to produce a nootropic supplement that may be better but if you are reading this right now, Nitrovit remains on top of our list of best brain supplements.

We have a feeling it will be quite some time before it is removed and the updated, newly enhanced Nitrovit formula certainly delivered beyond our expectations. 

Total Score: 97%


Exclusive BrainPillReviews.com Discount:

We were able to convince Archie to allow us to provide our readers with an exclusive discount on the product. Since he knew we were raving about it so much, we are very happy to announce that we managed to get a 15% OFF your ENTIRE order promo code. So, don’t forget to use it at checkout

Get 15% off on ProjectNooYou.com with the Nitrovit discount code: 15focus


Have any questions about the Nitrovit nootropic supplement? Have you had the opportunity to try the Nitrovit brain supplement? What do you think? We would love to learn more about our reader’s experiences using Nitrovit to know if you agree. Have you tried any other nootropic supplements? How do you feel Nitrovit “stacks” up against its competition? Please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear from you!

Brain supplement FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is a nootropic?

A: The term nootropic refers to substances – either natural such as plant extracts or synthetic such as laboratory manufactured/replicated – that create a desired change in mental performance and/or improve key cognitive functions.

Also known as ‘smart drugs’ (though rarely taking the form of a pharmaceutical drug), nootropics can affect the user’s cognitive function in a variety of ways.

These can include:

  • Warding off fatigue (Caffeine is the world’s most popular nootropic)
  • Increasing mental alertness and reducing fatigue
  • Extending attention levels for better focus
  • Lowering the stress hormone Cortisol
  • Improving mood and lowering anxiety levels
  • Increasing physical energy by supporting ATP energy production
  • Strengthening memory formation and recall
  • Protecting cell life by attacking free radicals
  • Increasing mental clarity
  • Bettering sleep quality and depth

Nootropics have gained popularity to where they are mainstream today among students, entrepreneurs, and those with poor focus and attention levels such as ADHD (Attention Deficit) sufferers.


 Q: What was the original nootropic?

A: The earliest true original nootropics date back thousands of years when our ancestors would use mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps as part of traditional Ayurvedic, Indian, and Chinese herbal medicine.

Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and even raw Cocoa (chocolate) are all classed as nootropics and have safely been used for millennia.

The original lab synthesized nootropic dates back to the 50’s and is called Piracetam (a weaker cousin of today’s modern Noopept) – and is still used to increase mental clarity and alertness.


Q: How can you tell which is the best brain supplement when two have similar ingredients?

A: While two brain enhancement supplements may feature what appears to be the same nootropics, the differences can vary greatly.

Common points of variance can be as follows:

  • The dosage (amount) of a specific nootropic in the formula (many nootropic brain supplements are seriously under-powered). A classic example of this is Ginkgo Biloba.To be effective in increasing blood-flow, the average person needs approx.300 mg of Ginkgo per serving. Many manufacturers will add a small amount such as 50 mg to their formulas as they know most people only recognize the name – and have no clue about how much they should be taking to experience true benefits.
  • The quality of the nootropic. For example Choline is a fantastic nootropic for aiding strong memory formation by aiding in the creation of Acetylcholine.
    There are however 3 different types of Choline: The higher quality Alpha GPC and CDP Cholines, and the cheaper Choline Bitartrate.The body struggles to absorb the latter as it has poor bio-availability and yet many manufacturers choose to use it.Why? Because they care more for profits and know the average customer does not know the difference.We highlight manufacturers using the practice (so as to inform you of product quality) in all our brain supplement reviews.
  • The formula features multiple nootropic ingredients that enhance and multiply the effects when stacked together. The most common pairing of nootropics is the Caffeine and L-Theanine combination.The Caffeine causing the increase in alertness we experience when drinking coffee, but the soothing effects L-Theanine has on the nervous system reducing the jitters and crash often associated with consuming coffee.Another example is the combination of Guarana, Noopept, and Choline. The 3 enhancing each other and producing very powerful benefits as a result.When a manufacturer uses a combination of nootropics proven to enhance each other, we’ll let you know.

Q: Are there any other telltale signs of a weak ‘snake oil’ brain supplement?

A: Yes. Touching again on the above point regarding dosage, 95% of the companies selling their brain supplements do not make them themselves.

Instead they purchase under-performing bulk wholesale formulas at cheap prices and put their own labels on them.

While you may not expect yourself to know what to look for in a formula, there is a very simple rule of thumb – avoid any brain supplements that feature a total daily serving size of less than 800 mg combined – or suggest 30 capsules per month is enough.

Nearly all the cheap and ineffective wholesale formulas use a proprietary blend to hide the individual milligrams, have a combined daily dosage of 800 mg or less and the supplement facts label will suggest taking just one capsule per day.

These formulas cost the seller approx. $6 a bottle – which they then price at $60 a bottle – and throw most of their budgets into fancy websites that make unsubstantiated claims, and slick marketing campaigns.

A decent formula that will provide both long and short-term benefits to you will have approximately 10 – 15 ingredients, require 2 – 3 capsules to be taken daily, and have a combined total mg per serving of 1,000 mg or just over.


 Q: How much do the best high quality brain supplements you review cost?

A: The average high quality brain supplement should cost no more than $65 per month. Anything less than $40 will likely be filled with cheaper grade nootropics or be solely plant based (and less effective).

Any dearer than $70 – $80 a month and you’ll be falling victim to either a greedy profit focused company, or one who doesn’t know what they are doing and have thrown everything but the kitchen sink in to try to impress by ticking all the boxes.

A few manufacturers are starting to offer $100+ a month products that require you take 6 capsules per day and feature over 50 nootropics.

Sadly, the science is starting to prove that much of this is wasted, the body can’t process it, the nootropics can cancel each other out, or it simply hasn’t been proven safe to be consuming so many nootropics in one serving.


 Q: Who manages this brain supplement reviews website? Why did you start it?

A: A small group of nootropic and brain health fanatics, with two medical professionals and a senior editor.

While we only recommend and review brain supplements we ourselves would take/do take. we do sometimes reach out to those we recommend and ask for a small donation to help us pay the running costs of the site.

Again, if we wouldn’t take a product we review here, then we won’t recommend you do. The recommendations on this site are unbiased.


Q: Are these brain supplements safe to take with a multivitamin like Centrum Silver?

A: In short, yes. Please be wary of cheaper brain supplements filled out largely with vitamins as you may already be taking these, and nootropics should be avoided if you are taking prescribed anti-depressants or SSRI’s, and/or medication for heart, low blood pressure, or any serious illness.

If unsure, consult with a professional physician before taking any supplement to ensure there are no negative interactions between the two.


 Q: Can I take brain supplements while taking other supplements?

A: Each brain supplement has its own warnings and precautions. So it is important to consult the manufacturer of the specific pill you are concerned with. If the manufacturer cannot give you a precise and direct answer walk away.


Q: Where are the brain supplements we review made?

A: We only review supplements that are made in the United States and we never recommend any nootropic brain supplement that hasn’t been manufactured in a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) laboratory under the FDA’s guidelines.


Q: Will you review “brand X” brain supplement ?

A: We have currently tested and/or reviewed over 125 individual products on this site and want to review the supplements most interest you.

If you have a cognitive enhancer, nootropic, or supplement that you want us to review, please send us a message by using the message form on the contact page.

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