8 Ways Using Nootropics Can Change Your Life

Nootropics are brain nutrition supplements that can provide a wide variety of cognitive benefits to achieve cognitive enhancement.



If you’ve recently decided to take the leap into using nootropic supplements, we would like to congratulate you for making a smart and bold decision that we believe many more people will continue to discover and use for years to come. Considering the amount of remarkable, unequaled, and unique benefits that you can experience from using nootropics. We truly believe that these “smart drugs” are quite underrated. The bottom line is that people whose lives have been changed for the better through the use of nootropics know exactly what we’re talking about.

Has anyone’s life changed as a result of nootropics

This article has been inspired by a thread of comments on reddit.com entitled “Has anyone’s life changed as a result of nootropics.” Most of us know how great nootropics are for general cognitive enhancement. But what we don’t realize is that these little supplements can be used for so much more. As research in the neuroscience community continues, we are learning that the cognitive benefits. That can be experienced from using nootropics are far beyond initial beliefs. We believe that we have still only scratched the surface on the full potential benefits that nootropics can provide. 


There are so many different types of nootropics out there so the list of benefits is a very, very long one. But on top of that, nootropics work differently on different people because your personal brain chemistry plays a role in the result you experience. For that reason, the potential advantages that can be experienced using nootropics are somewhat infinite.


When we began reading through the nootropic thread on reddit.com, we didn’t quite know what to expect. But after going through the entire string of comments. We were so surprised by the diversity and quality of the results that people from all over the world got to experience. One of the key components that were essential in allowing us to gain a better understanding about nootropics. And how they work was from learning about the experiences that others had using the variety of brain nutrition supplements.

Here are a few comments that we thought stood out from the rest and are totally worth reading:


I’ve become excessively successful over the years, to which I owe a large part of that to nootropics. Not to any one specific nootropic, but if I had not gotten into experimenting with them from a young age, I would have never ventured down a path of continual self improvement – which is the reason anyone takes nootropics […]Needless to say, there is no going back from nootropics. I know not of a single person who has gotten into experimenting with nootropics and then abandoned the lifestyle all together. It would be near pointless, it would be like going from eating healthy to switching to a diet of total junk food. 



To the changes in my life, well I went from 280lbs to 165lbs in less tan a year. That has been a massive change. I’m finally fit as well. Nootropics regiment has also enabled me to organize my life in a way that I have a small business now…



It opened my eyes to the fact that my condition is treatable. The way I’ve been feeling for so many years can be mitigated. And sometimes removed through the clever and planned usage of nootropics. That there is hope for me.I’ve been more social than ever, more comfortable in said situations, and have had much success.  I have been less depressed, and more motivated. I’ve reduced my laziness, and maximized the quality of my sleep. I have learned the important of exercise and enough sleep.




Through the dedicated research that we’ve done on nootropics and years of experimenting with the many different types, we present to you how using nootropics can change your life in 8 different ways. Although the first few from the list may seem familiar and not as interesting, you’ll learn and be surprised by the end of this article at how incorporating nootropics into your life can come together to make changes on so many levels. We feel that these brain nutrition supplements or brain vitamins are even more beneficial and significant to many of the standard vitamin and mineral supplements that a large majority of the world has become accustomed to supplementing as a part of their daily diet routine. 

So, What Are the 8 Ways That Nootropics Can Change Your Life?


  1. Nootropics can enhance your memory nootropics for memory

This is one of the primary reasons that people start using nootropics in the first place.

If your nootropic of choice is able to boost neuropeptide production (that includes both NGF – Nerve Growth Factor – and BDNF – Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor –) or acetylcholine levels in the brain, consistent use will lead to faster and sharper memory recall.

Neuropeptides are webs that form between nerve cells and are necessary for communication in the brain. Nootropics that increase levels of neuropeptides lead to faster thinking and better memory formation. Meanwhile, acetylcholine is the learning neurotransmitter we’re all very familiar with – this chemical is involved in memory encoding.

Nootropics like Noopept and Huperzine A act on the brain in a way that makes more acetylcholine available. We found this to be true and discussed it in our Nitrovit review, helping it to recently take over the top spot for our #1 Editor’s Choice recommendation for best brain enhancing supplements.  

You might ask why memory enhancement is even necessary, given that we have so many different reminder tools nowadays. Well, think of the bigger picture…

When you have a good memory, it means your mind has the capacity to recall different pieces of information that you received from the past. This gives you the chance to excel in creativity and even analytical thinking

For older adults, using nootropics that enhance and protect memory can really determine your mental capacity in the future. Nootropics are proving to be a key component of improving the aging brain and preventing cognitive decline. Some nootropics have even been used to treat cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Supplements such as Noopept, phosphatidylserine, and even Panax ginseng can really make a difference in the long-run.  


  1. Nootropics can increase periods of focus and concentration nootropics for focus

Being able to focus for long periods of time is a very difficult thing to do, especially when your phone keeps vibrating from all those Facebook notifications.

It’s true, modern technology and we easily distracted by social media. Some studies have shown that technology is even creating ADHD-like symptoms in adults and children. They were not previously diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And on most days, relying on your own willpower to stay away from getting distracted is pretty much impossible.

That’s why when new brain power supplements get released claiming to be able to boost focus and concentration, our ears are opened and ready to listen.

Ingredients such as Vinpocetine increase blood flow to the brain and oxygenate brain cells, leading to greater mental focus and clarity. Imagine being able to study for hours on end without feeling like you can’t keep up or constantly distracting yourself. Imagine being able to reply to hundreds of emails without feeling the need to take a break every 5 minutes. That’s just a sneak peak into the benefits of what nootropics can do for you. 

  1. Nootropics can give you more physical and mental energy nootropics for energyIt’s pretty hard to find a person who would reject an offer to feel higher levels of energy. You wake up dreading the idea of taking that long commute to work. You brush your teeth while looking at your own miserable face, wishing the weekend would come faster. That kind of negative attitude can often be fixed with a boost in mental energy levels. And no, we’re not talking about downing 2 espresso shots. Caffeine alone will get you buzzing for an hour or two. But it certainly won’t give you the same effect as taking a high-quality nootropic supplement. Caffeine commonly and quickly results in a crash of that energy. A nootropic like Acetyl L-Carnitine will not only provide your body with more energy but it will also stimulate mental fuel, giving you the drive you need to power through even the toughest of situations.

Other nootropics like, L-Theanine can be used in combination with caffeine to harness better focus, eliminate the jitters, and reduce overall stress and anxiety. 

By getting a boost in mental energy levels, you’ll no longer come up with those silly excuses that hinder you from achieving goals. You’ll come home from work and still have enough juice to head over to the gym, cook dinner. And, you will spend some time practicing on that guitar. You will be prouder and more confident if you will do more. And it all starts with nootropics! Nootropics are known for enhancing mood and motivation, resulting in better productivity. 


  1. Nootropics can make you feel better, more positive and motivated nootropics for motivation


Do you feel burnt out on a regular basis?

Things that used to excite you no longer do and life just seems like a repetitive, uninspiring cycle of working, sleeping and eating. You’re running out of juice, and that’s making you feel really depressed and anxious because to a certain extent you still wish you were kicking ass.

Certain nootropics can actually help you push through the dip by enhancing your mood and boosting motivation. Nootropics that increase the amount of dopamine availability in the brain, for instance, make you feel happier and calmer almost instantly. Sometimes the difference between a total loser and a champion lies in how they feel. Turn that frown upside down using nootropics…it’ll surely pay off.

There are a number of nootropics that can boost mood and motivation. One of the most effective, which can be found in our number 1 recommended nootropic supplement called, Nitrovit is called Centrophenoxine. Centrophenoxine significantly and noticeably boosts mood and motivation, while reducing stress and anxiety. It is one of the best “feel-good” nootropic supplements. 


  1. Nootropics can promote sex drive

nootropics for sex drive
If you didn’t know this before then be happy that you know it now because nootropics can improve your sex life.

Nootropics enhance mental and physical energy are usually the ones you want to go for to enhance sex drive, too.

Panax Ginseng, for instance, will increase physical stamina and improve libido. In fact, 60% of men who use Panax ginseng saw an improvement in being able to maintain erections.

Nootropics that increase acetylcholine levels in the brain, like Huperzine A, can also lead to improved sex drive because acetylcholine is needed to initiate arousal.

The third category of nootropics that can enhance your sex life is dopamine boosters, such as Sulbutiamine. Increased dopamine levels provide feelings of pleasure and in turn, higher libido.

Nootropics are great at increasing sex drive because they stimulate the mind as well as the body. It makes sense if you think about it because libido is a product of both our physical and mental state.

So if you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life and wouldn’t also mind experiencing brain-boosting benefits, nootropics need to be #1 on your shopping list. The most intriguing factor about nootropics is they provide cognitive benefits on top of improvements to your libido and drive. 


  1. Nootropics can help you to sleep better nootropics for sleep

Failing to get an adequate amount of quality sleep can quickly make things go haywire. Your brain needs sleep and it is extremely important to overall brain health.

Your attitude towards others worsens, you’re more irritable and groggy, you lack proper energy levels, alertness levels, and your brain starts feeling foggy.

We already know how busy some people’s schedules can get. But setting up a relaxing pre-bedtime routine and making sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep really works in your favor. Not everyone is that great at falling asleep, though. Suddenly, our expectations of 6-8 hours of sleep can quickly turn into 3-4 hours instead. 

Some people spend hours tossing and turning in their beds before being able to shut up those anxious thoughts in their head. Getting insufficient sleep can also lead to problems in the long-term, such as the increased likelihood of developing memory loss. Yikes!

But you can count on nootropics like L-Theanine, NALT or valerian root to turn those sleepless nights into restful evenings. Wake up feeling fresh, rejuvenated and with a positive mindset by using sleep-inducing nootropics. There are also more potent and powerful nootropics for sleep such as Phenibut and Picamilon. That can help you to enter into the REM stages of sleep more quickly and efficiently. 


  1. Nootropics can make you more a part of a community nootropics for social engagement

When we try something new, we always want to find people who are doing the same thing to see if perhaps we can form a connection with them on some level. During your search for other nootropic users. You will realize how big and awesome of a community there is, both on and offline. The majority of people are learning and teaching at the same time. Making new friends and discovering fascinating facts about nootropics every day. 

People who use nootropics are open-minded individuals who embrace and encourage the idea of self-improvement and self-enhancement. Together, we share stories about our experiences with different nootropics. And give each other some neat tips and tricks in hope that we can help each other. Being a part of the nootropics community will make you see. How many lives have changed for the better as a result of supplementation and the effort to make good life changes?

Head over to sites like reddit.com to read forums and connect with other nootropic users and follow our blogs here at BrainPillReviews.com to stay informed.  


  1. Nootropics can open your eyes to a world of total human optimization nootropics for self improvement

We saved the best and least obvious benefit for last.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that using nootropics can actually change your lifestyle and your overall perspective. Let’s talk about why people are taking interest in using nootropics in the first place.

Reasons may vary, but at the end of the day, it’s because they want to see some kind of improvement in their performance. Students who use nootropics want to get more focused and have better memory so that they can study more efficiently and perhaps get better grades. Entrepreneurs who use nootropics do it to get higher mental clarity and to be able to stay sharp so that they can keep their heads above the water of cutthroat competitors.

Those with ADD/ADHD use nootropics because they work better. And because of the fewer side effects experienced compared to the traditional meds prescribed by the doc.

And when your experience with nootropics goes well.

You start to become more and more interested in the idea of self-enhancement. That’s when the researching and exploring begins. You get online. Start reading all these articles about biohacking or human optimization. And you expose yourself to a platform that was once unfamiliar.

You also start to realize how important it is to take care of yourself. And that it is absolutely possible to develop a better version of yourself so long as you make the effort.

And that will inspire you to think more about your diet and perhaps modify it to be healthier. It will push you to join the gym to finally work for the body that you’ve always wanted to have. It will urge you to read motivational books and listen to successful people.

What started off as a single supplement in your kitchen cabinet led to an incredible eye-opener about life, health, and potential.

We’ve witnessed this happen to ourselves. The people we work with and even customers who, by reading our reviews and blogs, have listened to our advice.

The product that seems to work really well for a lot of folks (even beginners!) is Nitrovit. Our team has been using Nitrovit for years and we continue to be impressed with how effective the product is and how proper use of it does not lead to tolerance buildup. If you wish to try Nitrovit and come along with us on this remarkable journey of self-improvement then click here. The original Nitrovit formula was good.

It was good enough to rank amongst our top ten nootropic supplements. However, over the past few months, Nitrovit upgraded their nootropic stack to a more advanced cognitive nootropic supplement. It includes some of the most powerful and potent nootropic ingredients that we have come across in any supplement before. This pushed Nitrovit over the top and made it an easy decision to make it our #1 Editor’s choice for best brain supplements.

Have you had any experience using nootropics? What types of experiences have you had and how have nootropics changed your life? Please share your questions, comments, and opinions about nootropics, below!


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