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How to actually Multitask

You cant actually multitask!   Many people often associate negatives connotations to multitasking. When you’re doing two things at the once, you aren’t giving your 100% to either one of those things. You really just jumping between the two tasks. When you’ve got more than one important thing to do, you shouldn’t do both of them at the same time.…
March 20, 2020
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Inception Exists

Inception: Implanting Memories in Your Brain   Even if you never saw the movie Inception, you may have seen some other work of “fiction” that involves someone having false memories implanted into his or her brain.     Until recently, this was thought to just be science fiction – the stuff of re-run Star Trek episodes. However, if you stop…
March 15, 2020
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Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Aging Parents

Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Aging Parents   There comes a day when we realize that our old man is actually getting pretty old. (Moms are included, we just didn’t want to ruin the phrase). And just like how there’s a really long list of things that would be super inappropriate to say to kids, there’s a list…
March 8, 2020
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How to Avoid Overspending Online

How to Avoid Overspending Online: Set a Limit Beforehand   As trivial as it might seem, many people tend to overspend when shopping online for this one reason: they didn’t set a limit beforehand. It doesn’t matter if you’re online, shopping for groceries, furniture, applications, eBooks or nootropics – people tend to go over the limit due to the ease…
March 4, 2020
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7 Things To Do While You’re On Nootropics

As you may know, nootropics are supplements that provide cognitive enhancing benefits in various aspects such as memory, learning, neural cell protection and more. Whether you’re an advanced nootropic user or a newbie who’s planning to kickass in the New Year by using an esteemed nootropic product, make sure you try to do one of these 7 things to prove…
March 1, 2020