Adrafinil just a jumped-up energy pill, appetite suppressant, everything but a Smart Pill?

Adrafinil is incredibly popular single nootropic ingredient and we can’t help wonder why?

However, would it still be as popular if everyone knew it wasn’t FDA approved.

Granted Nootropics can’t be FDA approved because you cannot patent natural ingredients.

But the FDA created the C GMP certification to approve Nootropics and basically say supplements with a GMP certification weren’t made in a caravan by Walter white.


Walter whit cooking meth in caravan


So, you should be extremely cautious of any supplements that are not GMP Certified and Adrafinil is not.

For all you know Adrafinil is made in someone’s dirty, grimy kitchen.

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What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil has the International Non-proprietary Name Olmifon.

It  is sold by multiple companies with different branding.

Adrafinil was originally used in France as an eugeroic to promote wakefulness, attention and concentration.

Most commonly used by those who work in the early morning or graveyard shifts.

But is now an extremely popular Nootropic with benefits of:

  • Cognitive support
  • Energy and stimulation
  • Better Motivation
  • Mental Focus

So adrafinil can be excellent for anyone trying to make more time in the day or have enough energy to get through a busy stressful day.


Man stressed out

How does adrafinil work?

Adrafinil increases the production of neurotransmitter hypocretin.

Hypocretin (orexin) regulates wakefulness, arousal, positive mood and even appetite.

Low levels of Hypocretin have even been link to narcolepsy type 1.

So, if your suffering from some form of narcolepsy adrafinil could help you.

Adrafinil also boosts your focus and cognition by breaking down glutamate, a neurotransmitter.


What are the benefits of adrafinil?

Adrafinil is believed reduce sleepiness and increase your focus and alertness.

And dissimilar to other stimulants it doesn’t make you feel jittery and shaky like how a cup of coffee does to some people.

Adrafinil gets rid of your sleepiness by providing you with energy.

The consensus that adrafinil provides its users with energy comes from an NBCI study that showed the effect adrafinil had on rhesus monkeys during the night.


Rhesus monkey


In the study the nocturnal activity of the monkeys increased strongly suggesting adrafinil provided the monkeys with added energy.

However there have been limited studies n its true effect in humans.

There is also anecdotal evidence of memory improvement but no scientific prove of any memory enhancing abilities.

The supposed benefits of adrafinil make this Nootropic perfect for early risers and late-night workers.

Its probably not going to provide you with any cognitive benefits other than added motivation due to new found energy.

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My Adrafinil Review: My experience

I personally wasn’t too happy that out of everyone in the office I got given the adrafinil review.

This was because when a Nootropic isn’t GMP certified my mind does wonder to questions like:

Was this made in a lab or a kitchen.

Is there human hair in my supplement because they didn’t wear hair nets like a GMP certification requires.

However, I still had a job to do, review this product?

Day 1 I started with just the one capsule of 300 mg after breakfast so I didn’t try it on an empty stomach.

I didn’t feel anything that whole day which I didn’t expect as Adrafinil has similar effects to stimulants and stimulants work nearly instantly.

However, on day 2 I continued with just the one capsule this time before breakfast and I did in fact feel a bit of energy in the later morning.

This led me to believe adrafinil is best to take on an empty stomach.

Other than mild energy in the day I didn’t notice any other effects.

Day 3 after a positive day 2 I decided to really test adrafinil as I needed to get some extra work done that evening so I took my one capsule later that evening and whilst I had focus it lasted well into the night.

And like the monkeys in the study I was up all night with energy I just couldn’t get rid of.

If I worked a graveyard shift, I think adrafinil would be my right-hand man.


A security guard shining a flashlight


My month taking adrafinil continued similarly mild energy for as few hours after consumption and I felt admittedly less tired but that was it.

This is not a true brain enhancer its coffee in pill form!!


Adrafinil dosage and instructions

Take a daily dosage of between 3oomg and 1200mg.

So, between 1 and 4 pills per day as one capsule contains just 300mg.

If you do take 3 or 4 try and make a routine of taking them before or after every meal of the day.


What are the potential Side effects of adrafinil?

  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

Adrafinil is also thought to be an appetite suppressant which makes adrafinil seem more like a diet pill brining it even further away from it being a true brain enhancer.

Also, adrafinil has been proven to increase your amount of liver enzymes but this isn’t a health issue on its own but can be harmful for anyone suffering from some liver disease.


Where can I buy adrafinil

There are plenty of different ‘adrafinils’ out their all the same just packaged different.

But we choose to review labolic’s adrafinil.

Which you can buy by clicking here.

We don’t recommend going to labolic’s website because well you can’t even buy it their and its one page with no information.


Our Final thoughts from Our Adrafinil Review

Don’t believe the hype.

I’m almost embarrassed to have reviewed adrafinil as a brain enhancer as its everything but.

It’s a diet pill that can supress appetite and it’s a stimulant or energy booster that’s all it is.

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